A resource for type design students

Type Crit Crew is a free resource for type design students to meet 1–1 with experienced type designers for virtual critiques.

Our goals are:


How does it work?

If you’re a student, just take a look at our Type Crit Crew Spreadsheet, reach out to a type designer of your preference, and schedule a time for a 1–1 session with them via email or their online calendar. All of our critiques are private because we believe this allows for more conversational, detailed, and targeted feedback. Always remember to be nice, polite, and curious. Only school or personal self-initiated projects are allowed.

🚨 **Client work is strictly prohibited ****🚨

If you’re an experienced type designer, you can sign up to be added to the spreadsheet using the Type Crit Crew Instructors Sign Up Form. New Type Crit Crew members will be announced through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Who can be part of the Type Crit Crew?